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Dr. Zhao Yifeng, Assistant Professor

Research Interests:wireless broadband communications, signal processing, underwater acoustic multimedia communications


Email:zhaoyf (AT) xmu.edu.cn



PhD, Communication and Information System, Xiamen University, 2014

MSc, Circuits and Systems, Xiamen University, 2006

BSc, Electrical Engineering, Xiamen University, 2002

Selected Publications


[1] *Zhao Y, Huang H, Chi T, Kuo S, Yao Y, 2012. Capacity analysis for multiple-input multiple-output relay system in a low-rank line-of-sight environment. IET Communications, 6(6): 668-675 (IET: SCI/EI).

[2] Huang L, Zhou S, *Zhao Y, 2015. A study on the distributed antenna based heterogeneous cognitive wireless network synchronous MAC protocol. Mobile Information System, 2015: 868346 (Hindawi: SCI/EI).

[3] *Xiao L, Li Y, Liu J, Zhao Y, 2015. Power control with reinforcement learning in cooperative cognitive radio networks against jamming. Journal of Supercomputing, 71: 3237-3257 (Springer: SCI/EI)

[4] Liu J, *Xiao L, Liu G, Zhao Y, 2015. Active authentication with reinforcement learning based on ambient radio signals. Multimedia Tools and Applications, doi:10.1007/s11042-015-2958-x (Springer: SCI/EI)

[5] Shi Z, Xiao-Peng Z, *Zhao Y, 2015. Interference alignment based on antenna selection for massive MIMO system. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE 2015), pp. 606-610, Kuwait (EI).

[6] Shi Z, Zhang C, *Zhao Y, 2014. A new antenna selection algorithm for indoor distributed antenna systems environment. In Proceedings of the 6th FTRA International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications (CSA 2014), pp. 1395- 1400, Guam, USA (EI).

[7] Xiao L, Liang. Du, *Zhao Y, and Huang L, 2013. Indoor distributed multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system capacity research based on angular domain information. Journal of Computers, 24(1): 14-22 (EI).

[8] Shi Z, Zhang C, Zhao C, Huang L, Zhao Y, 2013. One solution to physical-layer authentication in wireless communication system,  in Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Chemical Engineering and Material Properties (ISCEMP 2013), pp. 2071-2075, Sanya, China (EI).

[9] Chen C, *Zhao Y, 2012. Optimal relay station location design under low-rank line of sight environment. In Proceedings of International Conference on Automatic Control and Artificial Intelligence (ACAI 2012), pp. 1489-1491, Xiamen, China. (EI)

[10] *Zhao Y, Yao Y, Cao X, 2010. Research on digital predistortion technology. Journal of Xiamen University, 3(1): 501-504. (EI)


[1] Zhao Y, Du L, Huang L, Chen C, Zhang Y, 2015. One Solution to improve channel capacity of distributed MIMO systems. China Patent, ZL 201210125259.X, issued, March 25.

[2] Zhao Y, Zhang C, Huang L, Chen C, Zhang Y, 2016. Antenna selection method based on eigenvalue for indoor distributed system. China Patent, ZL 2013102888498.1, issued, January 20.

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