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Dr. Zhao Caidan, Assistant Professor

Research Interests:digital signal processing, wireless network security


Email:zcd (AT) xmu.edu.cn



PhD, Computer Science, Xiamen University, 2013

MSc, Computer Science, Xidian University, 2003

Selected Publications

[1] *Zhao C, Wu X, Huang L, Yao Y, Chang YC, 2014. Compressed sensing based fingerprint identification for wireless transmitters. Scientific World Journal, 2014: 473178 (Hindawi: EI).

[2] *Zhao C, Chi TY, Huang L, Yao Y, Kuo SY, 2013. Wireless local area network cards identification based on transient fingerprinting. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 13(7):711-718 (Wiley: SCI/EI).

[3] Zhao C, *Xiao L, Kang S, Chen G, Li Y, Huang L, 2013. Secure relay selection based on learning with negative externality in wireless networks. EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2013: 89 (Springer: SCI/EI).

[4] Wu WJ, *Zhao CD, Chiang HP, Huang L, Huang YM, 2015. The RR-PEVQ algorithm research based on active area detection for big data applications. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2015, 74(10): 3507-3520 (Springer: SCI/EI).

[5] Zhao C, Huang L, Gao ZL, Zhou S, Guo D, *Chao HC, 2014. Performance analysis of the multiple antenna asynchronous cognitive MAC protocol in cognitive radio network for IT convergence. Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing, 20(1): 61-75 (Taylor Francis: SCI).